Using Dental Fillings to Repair Cracked Teeth

Dental fillings are one of the best ways to repair a cracked tooth, which could be the result of an accident, chewing hard objects or food, or grinding and clenching your teeth.

Dental fillings will repair and strengthen the tooth, so you can get back to eating and drinking normally without any irritation causing you to wince in pain.

Cracked Teeth

A cracked tooth is usually just a hairline fracture that opens slightly when you close your mouth or bite down on something.

These fractures can be so small that not even an x-ray will see them.

When your mouth closes or you bite down on something, the pressure causes the crack to widen, and when the pressure is released, it narrows. Either the widening or narrowing can cause a split second sharp pain that causes you to reflexively wince.

In some cases, pain may just come and go or there may be no pain at all. It can also feel like there is something perpetually stuck between your teeth.

Causes of Cracked Teeth

  • Chewing hard objects or foods, including pencils, ice, nuts, and candy
  • An accident resulting in trauma to the mouth
  • Grinding and clenching teeth
  • Uneven chewing pressure
  • Extreme hot and cold temperatures

Identifying a Cracked Tooth

Cracked teeth aren’t always easy to spot since the crack can be incredibly small.

Your local Houston dentist will perform a visual examination and ask you questions about the pain you feel. Information that can indicate a cracked tooth includes:

  • The location of the pain
  • Noticing the pain while biting down on something
  • Pain brought on by consuming something sweet, sour, or sticky
  • Consuming very hot or very cold beverages or foods

Fixing a Cracked Tooth with Dental Fillings in Houston

Dental fillings, which can be made of metal or resin, seal and strengthen a cracked tooth.

Sealing the tooth prevents infections by keeping bacteria from reaching the dental pulp inside the tooth. Once sealed, the tooth will also be less distressed from hot and cold temperatures.

When the filling has hardened, it will strengthen the tooth and allow you to apply normal bite pressures again.

Houston dental fillings can be an inexpensive way to restore your bite after discovering a cracked tooth. With color matched fillings, they can even look just like your natural teeth. Metal fillings provide a greater strength and can be used