Relaxing with Sedation Dentistry in Houston

Ready for a relaxing trip to the dentist? That’s right, we said “relaxing” and “trip to the dentist” in the same sentence! It can certainly be true if you’re using sedation dentistry. Just about everyone is afraid of going to the dentist, at least for the first time. If you go early enough in life, the most that will happen is a little checkup and a cleaning. But if you’re dreading a trip, especially one that involves scaling, a filling, or a root canal, sedation dentistry in Houston can be a dream come true. What is Sedation Dentistry? At its core, sedation dentistry in Houston is a method to help calm patients and reduce the sensation of pain and discomfort. Some procedures have no pain at all, but sedation dentistry can also keeps a patient calm and still, including patients who are very young. There are four levels of sedation: Minimal…

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Choosing the Right Sedation for Houston Dental Appointments

If you’re expecting to have a dental procedure performed and think you’ll want sedation dentistry to feel calm and relaxed in the dentist’s chair, there are a few things you should mention to your Houston dentist to ensure a safe and pleasant experience. Sedation dentistry on its own is very safe, but some complications can arise for patient who take certain medications or have particular medical issues. Once your dentist is aware of your medical history and any current medication, they can administer the right sedation for you. Important Things to Mention and Know Before Sedation Your dentist should generally be aware of your medical history, but there are a few things you should let them know specifically about. Any medical conditions you are currently being treated for Any and all medications, including over the counter, supplements, vitamins, and remedies you are taking or using.Some herbal remedies like St. John’s…

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Sedation Dentistry for Kids in Houston

Sedation dentistry for kids is an excellent way to help a child remain calm during a dental procedure. Many children are afraid of doctor visits, and the dentist is no exception. Children who have a fear of the dentist tend to fidget more. This makes it more difficult for the dentist to work. Others just don’t want to experience any pain. Fortunately, sedation dentistry at a kids dentist can help with both of these problems. Conscious Sedation Dentistry Not all procedures requires the patient be asleep. In many cases, a small amount of sedation calms them down. Conscious sedation dentistry does exactly that. Most often, conscious sedation dentistry consists of nitrous oxide (laughing gas). Other sedatives include an oral sedative (pill), or stronger medicines through the veins. Nitrous oxide makes the child feel relaxed and calm. The dentist can still converse with the child, usually so the dentist can instruct them on positioning…

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Is Your Kids Dentist in Houston Qualified?

What makes a dentist qualified to treat kids in Houston? In order to become a certified dentist, there is a lot of study, exams, and processes to go through that prove someone is ready to become a dentist. When it comes to caring for children’s teeth, the standards are even higher. Requirements to Become a Kids Dentist in Houston Just to become a regular dentist, there are a lot of requirements in order to receive certification. Candidates must have: Bachelor’s degree before admittance to dental school Completion of an accredited American Dental Association four year dental schooling program Doctoral degree in either dental medicine (DMD) or dental surgery (DDS) Specialization in a particular field, such as orthodontics License within the state they wish to operate in While the dental board does not require a particular subcategory of medical science, dental college candidates usually have their degree in biology, microbiology, chemistry, and anatomy. In…

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