Preventative and Reactive Protection with Sealants and Fillings

Sealants and Fillings Healthy teeth are able to protect themselves from bacteria and decay thanks to a protective covering of enamel on the outermost part of the tooth. You restore this protective covering when you brush your teeth and use mouth rinse. Flossing removes particles that could lead to decay if left in one spot for too long. Sometimes, they may need an extra level of protection or some restoration in the form of sealants and fillings, respectively. Sealants Sealing teeth is a preventative measure to protect against decay. Even if teeth are well taken care of can be at risk of decay. The tops of molars have divots and gaps for grinding and tearing food when we chew. These little crevices can be very difficult to clean with a toothbrush and mouth rinse. Bacteria tends to collect in these areas since they are tougher to clean. Sealants fill in the…

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