Restoration Dentistry: A New Smile

What is restoration dentistry? Many people go through their life with some sort of dental issue that affects their bite, causes pain, affects their speech, or changes their smile. With a restorative procedure at your local Houston dentist, you can renew your smile. Restoration dentistry takes many forms, from dental crowns and bridges to use of braces and whitening methods. Some forms of restoration are more involved than others, while others are very simple to complete. Misaligned Bite An uneven bite can causes pain and difficulty with chewing and speaking. Misaligned teeth can cause the upper or lower jaw not to close properly. Braces correct the position of teeth by gently repositioning them over time. Sometimes, a misaligned bite is caused by a poorly fitted dental bridge or crown. Your dentist can replace these with a new one to improve the fit. Whitening Services Some people feel self conscious about…

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