Protecting Teeth with Dental Sealants in Houston

Getting dental sealants in Houston are one of the best ways to prevent cavities from forming, especially in teens. About 40% of children 19 and younger have developed cavities. Sealants prevent cavities by making teeth easier to clean. Dental Sealants Procedure It’s no secret that many people dislike visiting the dentist. For some, it’s simply anxiety that prevents them from going. For others, it’s a fear of pain. Fortunately, dental sealant procedures in Houston are completely pain free. Apply dental sealants soon after the molars start coming in. Your Houston dentist will apply a small amount of gel to each molar’s surface and spread it out evenly. The gel will fill in the natural pits present on the molars, making the tooth smoother along its top. This smooth surface reduces bacterial collection by making the tooth easier to clean. Protecting Teeth With Repeated Dental Sealants in Houston The procedure will protect…

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Dentistry for Kids at Home in Houston

Do you know the best methods for protecting your child’s teeth at home? Preserve and protect developing teeth by administering the right care at home. Even simply brushing a child’s teeth in the wrong way can lead to negative outcomes. Your Houston pediatric dentist has tips for taking care of your kids’ teeth at home. Cleaning Baby Teeth When your baby’s first teeth come in, you may automatically start cleaning them with a regular toothbrush. However, developing teeth are more sensitive and need to be cleaned with a soft bristled toothbrush to prevent damage to them. Any damage from stiff bristles could form grooves where bacteria can gather. Pediatric dentists recommend using a toothbrush that is specifically designed for infants and their teeth should be cleaned at least once per day, preferably at bedtime. When to Start Using Toothpaste You can start using toothpaste as soon as teeth erupt (break…

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Why Dentistry for Kids is Important

Children often have a fear of what they don’t understand or are not familiar with. This is why introducing your child to the dentist as early as possible is so beneficial. Dentistry for kids differs from the care that adults receive in that a pediatric dentist seeks to familiarize the child with the staff and all other aspects of a dental office. Adults know what a dentist does and that they only want to help keep our teeth clean and bright. Children may not grasp this idea at first. By introducing them to the dental world slowly and in a friendly manner, they will be more accepting. It will be as if they were visiting an extended family. First Visits and Dentistry for Kids The first visit to a dentist should not be unpleasant, for patients of any age. But the earlier a patient visits the dentist, the better care…

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