Protecting Teeth with Dental Sealants in Houston

Getting dental sealants in Houston are one of the best ways to prevent cavities from forming, especially in teens. About 40% of children 19 and younger have developed cavities. Sealants prevent cavities by making teeth easier to clean. Dental Sealants Procedure It’s no secret that many people dislike visiting the dentist. For some, it’s simply anxiety that prevents them from going. For others, it’s a fear of pain. Fortunately, dental sealant procedures in Houston are completely pain free. Apply dental sealants soon after the molars start coming in. Your Houston dentist will apply a small amount of gel to each molar’s surface and spread it out evenly. The gel will fill in the natural pits present on the molars, making the tooth smoother along its top. This smooth surface reduces bacterial collection by making the tooth easier to clean. Protecting Teeth With Repeated Dental Sealants in Houston The procedure will protect…

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How Dentistry for Kids Protects Your Child

Protecting your child’s teeth means being vigilant for decay, making good choices for nutrition, and instilling a habit of good personal hygiene. Expert dentistry for kids detects problems early and treats them immediately. Early Introductions To get started on this quest, it’s best to introduce your child to a pediatric dentist early. As soon as their first tooth comes in, but no later than 12 months old, schedule the first visit. An early introduction and non invasive exams help prevent anxiety about visiting the dentist later in life. When you bring your child to a Memorial dentist, they are introduced to the staff. They get to know the environment for themselves. This is better than being whisked away to a back room and delving right into a procedure. This lets your child move at their own pace to understand what’s going on around them and eliminate fears of the unknown. Dentistry for…

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Why Dentistry for Kids in Houston is Important

We’ve mentioned quite a bit about dentistry for kids and seeing a pediatric dentist in Houston as soon as their first tooth comes in, but why is it so important? If a child’s teeth are just going to fall out on their own when their adult teeth come in, why should you take so many precautions to protect the baby teeth? There are several reasons why your child’s baby teeth are important. First and foremost, you want your child to be comfortable when they chew food or drink liquids. Painful teeth are no fun at any age. Beyond that, a number of potential diseases can be prevented by taking care of young teeth. Importance of Baby Teeth Your child’s baby teeth, also called primary teeth, provide the base alignment of their adult teeth that will come in later in life. Keeping the baby teeth aligned properly helps develop and maintain…

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Pediatric Dentistry Tips: Thumb and Pacifier Habits

Pretty much every child sucks on a thumb or pacifier when they are young. Many parents and soon to be parents already know that prolonged thumb and pacifier sucking is bad for their child’s teeth. Most, though, may not know why. Pediatric dentists offer reasons why infants and young children suck on thumbs and pacifiers. They also offer information on how long is an acceptable period to perform the habit and how to wean a child off the habit. Pediatric Dentists Offer Answers for Why Children Suck on Objects There are a few reasons for this habit, which is ingrained from birth. At the surface level, it is a necessary trait in order to feed. A newborn baby must have an innate need to suck on something. This ability helps them receive nourishment from a breast or bottle. This knowledge also creates a sense of security for the child. There’s no…

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Questions for your Pediatric Dentist

What are some of the most common questions for taking care of a child’s teeth? There are so many aspects to caring for children, and it can be mind boggling trying to keep up with everything all at once. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry has a list of some of the most common questions regarding dentistry for kids and questions to ask your pediatric dentist in Houston. When should I bring my child in for their first pediatric dentist appointment? Children should visit the dentist as soon as their first tooth comes in, but no later than their first birthday. How often should my child see a pediatric dentist? Just like with adults, children should see a dentist every six months. How should I clean my baby’s teeth? Use a small headed, soft bristled toothbrush to remove plaque once per day before bedtime. How should I help my child…

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