Seeing Pediatric Dental Specialists for Bruxism in Houston

Grinding your teeth can be very harmful to them, causing grooves and gullies to form which can allow bacteria to congregate and cling to the teeth. It is especially harmful for children whose teeth are still developing. Up to 30% of children experience teeth grinding, known as bruxism. Pediatric dental specialists in Houston can help your child overcome this potentially harmful involuntary habit. Understanding Bruxism When a child grinds their teeth, whether knowingly or involuntarily, it can be because of a few reasons. Pediatric dental specialists in Houston have found that children with misaligned teeth, hyperactivity, cerebral palsy, or stress may grind their teeth. In some instances, it can also be the result of an expression of pain or a reaction to certain medications. In any case, teeth grinding can cause headaches, earaches, general facial pain, jaw problems, and teeth damage. Damage to the teeth can allow bacteria to grow in…

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