A Parent’s Guide to Pediatric Dental Sedation

Is your child afraid of visiting the dentist? It’s common for children to be afraid of or worried about seeing a dentist. There is hope, though, for parents who want their child to feel at ease. With pediatric dental sedation in Houston, your child will feel relaxed and worry free during any procedure. Do All Procedures Need Sedation? Most of the time, pediatric dentists want to prevent cavities and diseases. For this reason, most pediatric visits are non invasive and only include a dental checkup, x-rays, cleaning, and dental sealants. Should a cavity, disease, or damage occur, a pediatric dentist can still take care of that. The latter category of visits tend to be more worrisome for the child, making pediatric dental sedation a viable option. The sedation helps calm their fears and also reduces the sensation of pain and discomfort. Many patients also report that sedation makes the visit seem to…

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