Dental Bridges in Houston that Renew Your Smile

When your teeth are healthy and bright, you have the confidence to smile more. A missing tooth causes people to feel self conscious about their smile. But with a dental bridges treatment in Houston, you can renew that confidence and smile again. Renewing Your Smile What makes you smile? The average person smiles 20 times per day, and very happy people smile 40-50 times per day. If a missing tooth is causing you to be unhappy, it can also make you want to smile less often for fear of people seeing the gap. But you can renew your smile with dental bridges in Houston. Dental bridges use a custom crafted false tooth suspended by a metal frame work to fill in a gap. These bridges are designed to look natural. Dentists create a perfect fit by sizing and shaping the dental bridge to perfectly match the layout of your mouth….

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Custom Dental Bridges at your Tanglewood Dentist

Dental bridges can treat a person who has lost a tooth or teeth due to decay or an accident. They are a more permanent solution than dentures, and you can care for them like your regular teeth. What’s more is they can match your existing teeth. Dental bridges can mimic the shape and color of your original teeth to appear as if you never lost a tooth. Dental Bridges Designed Just for You There is a lot of thought and talent that goes into designing a dental bridge. They must fit perfectly and match the shape of your teeth to ensure comfort and functionality. To accomplish this, the dental lab at your Tanglewood dentist must have a cast of your mouth. The cast completely and accurately maps the inside of your mouth and matched the shape of the teeth and how they fit together. With this physical 3D model of your…

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Dentures or Dental Bridges? Which are best for you?

Dentures are a very common implement for replacing lost teeth, but are they better than dental bridges? Which method is right for you? Both methods replace lost teeth, but there are certain aspects of each that provide a better solution, depending on your particular needs. Dentures or Dental Bridges Whenever there is a gap in your teeth, even if it’s from just one tooth, the other teeth will shift in an attempt to fill that gap. This can lead to an uneven bite, which can cause pain and make chewing or speaking uncomfortable. Dentures and Dental bridges in Houston both address this issue by filling the gap with a false tooth or teeth to restore function and appearance, as well as preventing this shifting. Benefits of Partial Dentures Partial dentures can replace several teeth at once, even if they are in different locations. They are supported by a metal frame…

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