Dental Bridges in Houston that Renew Your Smile

When your teeth are healthy and bright, you have the confidence to smile more. A missing tooth causes people to feel self conscious about their smile. But with a dental bridges treatment in Houston, you can renew that confidence and smile again. Renewing Your Smile What makes you smile? The average person smiles 20 times per day, and very happy people smile 40-50 times per day. If a missing tooth is causing you to be unhappy, it can also make you want to smile less often for fear of people seeing the gap. But you can renew your smile with dental bridges in Houston. Dental bridges use a custom crafted false tooth suspended by a metal frame work to fill in a gap. These bridges are designed to look natural. Dentists create a perfect fit by sizing and shaping the dental bridge to perfectly match the layout of your mouth….

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Preventing TMD with Dental Bridges in Houston

Dental bridges are an excellent way to replace a single lost tooth or a few lost teeth with a permanent, non removable implant. Unlike dentures, dental bridges are completely fixed in place. They do not need removal for cleaning. Instead, clean them as you would your regular teeth. Dental bridges in Houston look completely natural, even to the point of color matching them to your teeth. Patients seek these dental bridges their appearance and durability. For teeth toward the back of the mouth that may not be as visible, metal dental bridges can provide an even more durable replacement tooth that will easily withstand the bite forces of chewing. Why Should I Get Dental Bridges in Houston? Many people opt for a dental bridge solely for the appearance of having a full set of teeth. While that is a viable reason for wanting one, there are a lot of practical reasons…

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Custom Fitted, Natural Dental Bridges in Houston

Are you considering options for replacing a lost tooth? Perhaps you have a bad tooth you need removed, but don’t want to leave a gap. Custom fitted dental bridges could be the answer. Dental bridges are a common, affordable manner of replacing a lost or severely damaged tooth with a natural looking false tooth that sits in your mouth just as your actual tooth did. They are custom-fitted to your mouth to ensure a proper fit and bite, and they can restore appearance and function. Making Obvious Dental Bridges a Thing of the Past Dental bridges in the past were noticeable and occasionally uncomfortable. They were constructed from silver amalgam and metal, making them obvious in your mouth. Thanks to advancements in dental technology, Houston dentists make custom-fitted, natural looking dental bridges that look and feel like real teeth. Decades ago, a replacement tooth may not have fit properly when…

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