Dental Bridges in Houston that Renew Your Smile

When your teeth are healthy and bright, you have the confidence to smile more. A missing tooth causes people to feel self conscious about their smile. But with a dental bridges treatment in Houston, you can renew that confidence and smile again. Renewing Your Smile What makes you smile? The average person smiles 20 times per day, and very happy people smile 40-50 times per day. If a missing tooth is causing you to be unhappy, it can also make you want to smile less often for fear of people seeing the gap. But you can renew your smile with dental bridges in Houston. Dental bridges use a custom crafted false tooth suspended by a metal frame work to fill in a gap. These bridges are designed to look natural. Dentists create a perfect fit by sizing and shaping the dental bridge to perfectly match the layout of your mouth….

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Feeling Festive with Dental Bridges

We may be through Thanksgiving already, but there are plenty of opportunities for feasts in the weeks to come. Why not make the most of it with dental bridges made in Houston? If you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident or decay, you know it can be difficult to really enjoy those festive holiday meals. Chewing is more difficult, drinking can be tiresome, and it can even affect your speech. With dental bridges, you can restore your smile and your bite with great confidence! What Are Dental Bridges? Dental bridges are a dental implant specifically that fit you and only you. They restore your bite, your ability to eat, drink and speak normally, and your confidence in your smile. Dental bridges are tailor made to provide a strong bite or a remarkably natural look. A variety of materials including metal and porcelain restore the strength and look of natural teeth. Best of all,…

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