Love Your Smile

“Smile, and the whole world smiles with you.” That famous line from Frank Sinatra in the 1950 song “When You’re Smiling” is absolute truth. Smiles are infectious! You can brighten someone’s day just by smiling at them. Now you can love your smile brighten your own day with restoration dentistry.

Restoration Dentistry Options

Restoration dentistry covers a lot of topics. They range from fixing a chipped tooth to receiving dental implants. People often feel self conscious about their smile when they perceive something to be wrong with it. Even a tiny chip is enough to make some refrain from smiling.

Don’t let your smile stay hidden! Learn to love your smile with some of the best restoration dentistry options in Houston.

Dental Bonding – Fix a chipped tooth easily with dental bonding. The bond uses a special gel to keep the chipped piece connected to its tooth. This method is best for small breaks or fractures where the pieces are still present.

Dental Crowns – A dental crown replaces the visible part of a tooth with a metal or porcelain cap. The core of the original tooth remains, but is covered entirely by the crown. While porcelain crowns look the best, metal ones are more durable. Consider this when getting crowns for molars.

Dental Bridges – A missing tooth needs a little extra attention. To restore the smile, a dental bridge places two caps on the teeth adjacent to the gap and suspends a false tooth in between them.

Cosmetic or Restorative Dentistry

While it’s not exactly restoring your ability to eat or speak, cosmetic dentistry can be a form of restoration. A lot of times, people get cosmetic dentistry to reshape their teeth or brighten them. Teeth whitening is possibly the most popular form of cosmetic dentistry, but it’s sure to bring you a smile!

Restoration dentistry is primarily about restoring the ability to speak, drink, and eat without issue. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on making your smile look great, though that may or may not include restoring such abilities. Regardless of what you need, visit the best dentist in Houston and love your smile!