Post Wisdom Teeth Removal Home Care Tips

Caring for your mouth after having wisdom teeth removal can be an unpleasant experience, but it’s also incredibly important for your overall oral well-being.

Dentists in Houston remove the wisdom teeth when they pose a significant threat to oral health. Most often it is because the oral cavity is too small to accommodate them.

When the cavity is too small, the teeth can push on adjacent molars, causing pain or leading to gum disease, and that is why it is important to remove them if they pose this risk.

But with a little attentive care at home, you can fairly quickly recover from wisdom teeth removal.

Pain Management

After your wisdom teeth are removed, your mouth is going to be sore.

Your Houston dentist will likely prescribe some pain medication for you to take. Follow the instructions carefully and use them to reduce discomfort.


Some swelling is going to be inevitable. The swelling usually peaks after about three days, and during that time you can use intermittent ice packs to reduce its impact in your mouth.

Apply an ice pack to the swelling for 20 minutes, then leave it off for 20 minutes. You can continue this for about two to three days until it peaks and begins to normalize.


A little bit of bleeding after wisdom teeth removal is normal. You can reduce the bleeding by helping your mouth to clot the extraction sites.

To clot it, gently bite down on a gauze pad for about 30 minutes. This is especially necessary right after surgery.

To help the blood clot set more effectively, gently bite down on a moistened tea bag. The tannic acid in the tea causes the blood vessels to contract, making clotting more effective.

Wisdom Teeth Removal Oral Care

  • Before Surgery
    Carefully brush your teeth, but avoid the surgical site(s).
  • First Two Hours After Surgery
    Avoid eating, drinking, and talking. Get plenty of rest for the remainder of the day.
  • After First 12 Hours
    Gently rinse your mouth with a diluted mouthwash or a salt water rinse.
  • First Whole Day
    Rest often. Don’t rinse your mouth vigorously and only drink through a straw.
  • First Few Days
    Avoid any strenuous exercise. Do not smoke and avoid spitting for as long as there is bleeding.

If you notice excessive bleeding or a continuous pain that lasts beyond the first few days, return to your dentist in 77057 area for a follow up appointment.

Your Houston dentist will examine your mouth to determine if any additional care steps need to be take to ensure the surgical sites heal properly.