Picking the Perfect Pediatric Dentist for your Child

What’s the best way to pick the perfect pediatric dentist for your child in Houston? Many people go off of recommendations from friends and relatives, while others look for online reviews.

Both methods good preliminary ways to find a pediatric dentist. However, the best method is to actually visit the dentist you are considering.

Narrowing Down Pediatric Dentist Choices

There can be a lot of pediatric dentists to choose from in Houston, so how do you find the right one?

The first visit to a pediatric dentist should be a very pleasant experience for your child and shouldn’t involve anything more than a cleaning.

If possible, schedule a consultation with your considered dentist(s) and see what their offices are like.

A dental office specializing in children should reflect that as soon as you walk in. Games, puzzles, books, and toys should be available for children in the waiting room.

There should be colorful decorations and a friendly staff. The staff is especially important, as they will leave a lasting impression on your child and shape their experience at the dentist.

For an added benefit, find a family dentist that treats both adults and children. Family dentists are trained as both a general dentist and pediatric dentist, giving them a wide range of capabilities.

If your child goes to the same dentist you do, they may feel more at ease since they know you trust the dentist.

First Impressions Make a Difference

The first impressions on your child at the dentist will affect how they will feel about return visits.

The dental staff should be able to communicate with your child easily, and only conduct non invasive procedures for the first visit.

Depending on the age of the child, this may include just a simple meeting with the staff. At most, it may include a visual examination and a cleaning if necessary.

Beyond that, no procedures should be conducted. This is all in an effort to build trust between your child and the dental staff.

Sometimes it can also be helpful if the dental staff allows the child to explore the dental office, thereby eliminating any fear of the unknown.

This exploration can be down by the child them self or with a parent present. Some children like the independence of exploring on their own (even under the watchful eye of dental staff). Others prefer to stay close to their family in an unfamiliar location.

In either case, this helps to familiarize them with the practice, making future visits easier.