Kids Dentist in 77057

When is the last time that your child has been to a kids dentist in Houston? It is important for children to see their dentist every six months, and get x-rays every 12 months. The reason for seeing the dentist so often is to chart progress on the development of their teeth. Your Houston dentist looks for signs that the teeth are developing abnormally so that they can take corrective action.

Kids Dentist in 77057

Now, it is easier than ever to bring your child to a kid’s dentist.  Naba Dental is centrally located in the Memorial / Galleria area of Houston. Right in the heart of Tanglewood 77057, you will find the best dentist in Houston. Naba Dental helps children have the healthiest teeth well into adulthood. The staff takes excellent care of children and whole families, looking for ways to improve oral health.

Regular checkups ensure the proper development of teeth. Should an issue arise, the expertly trained staff seeks to correct the issue as soon as possible. there are many aspects of ensuring the best health for teeth. The first of which is checking for plaque, which leads to cavities. Cavities, also known as carries, are the leading dental health issue in children.

The primary cause of cavities is poor dental hygiene, which stems from consuming high sugar foods and drinks. Regular brushing twice a day for at least 2 minutes each time promotes better oral health. This hygienic routine results in less plaque and bacteria on the teeth reducing the likelihood of cavities appearing. In addition, it is important to floss between teeth as well. A toothbrush may not be able to reach the tight spaces between teeth, but flossing and rinsing can.

Preventative Measures

As a child grows, your Houston dentist checks the development of their teeth. One of the best preventative measures for children is dental sealants. These sealants protect teeth, especially molars, from cavities by making them easier to brush. The dentist applies the sealant, which is A gel-like substance, to the teeth and allows it to harden. The gel fills in the grooves in teeth making them much smoother. These grooves may be very difficult to brush, and allow bacteria to flourish. By smoothing out the teeth brushing is considerably easier and eliminates more germs.

In addition to sealants, dentists check the development of teeth by way of their relative positions. When teeth grow in at odd angles, especially molars, it leads to major dental issues. The crooked teeth may push against another tooth causing weakness in the enamel, which allows bacteria in. Additionally, this pressure may cause pain and gum inflammation. Along with the inflammation and discomfort, it is quite possible to develop gum disease because of a crooked tooth. In most cases, these issues require correction using braces.

Prevent oral health issues from arising by making an appointment today to see your kids dentist in Houston.