Houston Sedation Dentistry

People generally associate going to the dentist with a negative feeling. Most often, this is because they feel pain and just want it to go away. Sometimes, they just don’t like going. In any case, Houston sedation dentistry provides a relaxing experience for all sorts of patients. Just sit back, let the sedation wash over you, and the procedure will be over before you know it.

 Removing Pain with Houston Sedation Dentistry

As the name implies, sedation dentistry sedates patients. While using one of the sedatives, you will be free of pain. There are several types of sedatives for use with sedation dentistry.

  • Oral Sedative
    Often taken before an appointment, the oral sedative will calm the patient’s nerves around the time the procedure starts. These are best for slightly nervous patients, or those with sensitive teeth.
  • Laughing Gas
    Officially known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas is one of the most common sedatives in dentistry. The gas is harmless, and elicits a feeling of relaxation. It is best used on very nervous patients, or those undergoing minorly invasive procedures.
  • IV Sedation
    Finally, there is IV sedation. This sedative can be very strong, and is often a secondary part of sedation. Laughing gas brings the patient to near sleep, and the IV keeps them there.

Houston Sedation Dentistry Safety Protocols

Regardless of the sedative used, the dosage and use must be as safe as possible. Your Houston dentist watches the level of sedation throughout a procedure to ensure safe dosing. They will adjust the level as needed. Because of this, Houston sedation dentistry is very safe. The dentist only gives you what you need, not any more or less. Too much puts the patient to sleep, which prevents the dentist from giving instructions. Too little leaves the patient feeling uncomfortable. A fine balance must be maintained.

If you are nervous about seeing the dentist, ask about the use of sedation to make your experience better. Along with reduced pain, you’ll also find that the appointment goes much quicker.