Houston Sedation Dentist

Does going to the dentist scare you or your child? It’s very common for people to be afraid of visiting the dentist, but there’s nothing to worry about. One of the biggest fears is experiencing pain, but a Houston sedation dentist helps take the pain away.

What is a Houston Sedation Dentist?

Sedation dentistry is a method of reducing or eliminating pain during a dental procedure. There are several ways to accomplish this: oral sedatives, nitrous oxide, and IV sedation.

Oral sedation uses prescription pills that numb your senses. The patient takes these before their appointment, and by the time the dentist starts, the mouth feels no pain. This method is best for minor discomfort.

Nitrous oxide sedation uses a mixture of nitrogen and oxygen to numb the senses. This is the most common sedative used, and is often referred to as “laughing gas.” The effects of the gas wear off within a few hours after the procedure.

IV sedation uses a two-step process to bring you to the edge of sleep. Nitrous oxide brings you close to falling asleep and the IV keeps you there. Sometimes, the dentist will put you just into the realm of sleep, but this is only for very invasive procedures.

Whether you need laughing gas or IV, the dentist monitors and regulates the amount used throughout your procedure. This prevents having too little (starting to feel pain) and having too much (unable to respond to instructions). There is a delicate balancing act that the dentist or anesthetist maintains for perfect sedation.

Are there Other Benefits to using a Houston Sedation Dentist?

In addition to relieving pain, dental sedation helps relieve anxiety. Patients seeing a Houston sedation dentist feel more at ease during their procedure. By feeling more relaxed and free of pain, your overall experience is much better. Once your Houston dentist takes care of the root problem, you’ll be pain-free and can go back to enjoying life.