How Houston Dentists Have Improved Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are actually not a new form of restorative or cosmetic dentistry. In fact, the use of dental crowns dates back to at least 200 AD. That’s right, dental crowns have been in common use for over 1800 years! Houston dentists haven’t changed a whole lot over the years. Primarily, the installation and construction of the dental crowns are more sanitary and provides a better fit. Other than that, the method of restorative dentistry remains about the same.

Early Dental Crowns

The Etruscan civilization used the earliest known dental crowns around 200 AD. The crowns of old wouldn’t look all that dissimilar from ones commonly seen today.

These early dental crowns were gold. This is a commonly used metal for fashioning dental crowns in Houston as well.

Today’s dental crowns often work for cosmetic reasons to restore the look of your smile. However, they were primarily for restoring function back then. Even today, Houston dentists can restore teeth that have been badly damaged by decay with dental crowns. After all these years, the method is still effective.

Today’s Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are very common method in Houston for restoring damaged teeth that have fallen apart from decay.

While the principle behind the dental implant remains the same as it did 1800 years ago, the practices of installing them have significantly improved.

Thanks to medical advances in the dental world, dental crowns are far more sanitary. They are also less painful than earlier models.

Houston dentists must be certified by organizations such as the American Dental Association and the Texas Dental Association before being able to practice dentistry.

Through these organizations, as well as years of schooling, training, and continued study and experience, Houston dentists are able to perform all manner of dental procedures, including installing dental crowns.

With all of the hard work dentists put in, they can correctly assess and prepare teeth for a dental crown. Once the custom designed dental crown is complete, they install it so that it sits comfortably and solidly.