Dentistry for Kids at Home in Houston

Do you know the best methods for protecting your child’s teeth at home? Preserve and protect developing teeth by administering the right care at home. Even simply brushing a child’s teeth in the wrong way can lead to negative outcomes. Your Houston pediatric dentist has tips for taking care of your kids’ teeth at home.

Cleaning Baby Teeth

When your baby’s first teeth come in, you may automatically start cleaning them with a regular toothbrush.

However, developing teeth are more sensitive and need to be cleaned with a soft bristled toothbrush to prevent damage to them. Any damage from stiff bristles could form grooves where bacteria can gather.

Pediatric dentists recommend using a toothbrush that is specifically designed for infants and their teeth should be cleaned at least once per day, preferably at bedtime.

When to Start Using Toothpaste

You can start using toothpaste as soon as teeth erupt (break the gum line). Use a tiny smear of fluoridated toothpaste on teeth and an infant toothbrush for babies. Clean a baby’s gums with a soft cloth and water.

As the child grows, you can increase the amount of toothpaste to about the size of a pea around ages 3 to 6 years old.

Supervise all teeth brushing for children to ensure proper care and make certain they spit out excess toothpaste rather than swallowing it.

Importance of Primary Teeth

The primary teeth, commonly known as “baby” teeth, are important for allowing a child to eat and speak normally.

Keeping the primary teeth healthy and well aligned also helps form a path for the adult teeth to follow.

When to See a Pediatric Dentist

If your child gets a toothache, it is best to have them see a pediatric dentist to accurately determine the cause and necessary treatment.

However, in the event a dentist is unavailable, rinse the pained area with warm salt water. If swelling is present, place a cold compress on their face. If they are still feeling pain, give them a children’s dose of acetaminophen (Tylenol).