Gingivitis Treatment During Pregnancy

Did you know that pregnancy can cause gingivitis and periodontitis? The hormones produced during pregnancy can affect the gums, but a gingivitis treatment at the first sign of the disease will prevent nasty infections from occurring.

Gingivitis Treatment Options

At the first sign of trouble, it’s best to see your dentist. Gingivitis symptoms include swelling, redness, and sometimes bleeding in the gums. There usually isn’t any pain or discomfort, so it is easy to dismiss other symptoms.

When you see your Houston dentist, they will conduct and exam to determine how far the disease has progressed. X-rays will show any damage below the surface of your gums.

Between the visual exam and x-rays, as well as your description of symptoms, your dentist will be able to diagnose gingivitis as the disease. Though it is a disease, immediate gingivitis treatment will reverse all damage and help prevent future infections.

Gingivitis is a very easy problem to treat. Most of the time, all you need is a thorough cleaning of the teeth. Beyond that, thorough home care will go a long way toward protecting your teeth.

Dentists often provide you with a medicated mouthwash to help with treatment. Use the mouthwash each time you brush your teeth to get rid of bacteria between the teeth and in other hard to brush spots.

Gum Disease During Pregnancy

The hormones produced during pregnancy can affect the health of your gums. This is especially true for women with diabetes, but it can affect anyone.

It is completely safe to see your Houston dentist while pregnant, and it is, in fact, encouraged. Don’t leave them alone thinking it will go away. As symptoms progress, the likelihood of developing periodontitis increases, which can cause health problems.

Seeking treatment at the first sign of gum disease has the best possible outcome of reversing damage and saving teeth.