Fissures Sealants in Houston

A crack in a tooth does more than make you feel self-conscious. Even a small crack can hurt like crazy. These cracks, called “fissures,” are not fun to have. Fortunately, we offer fissures sealants in Houston to repair your teeth without costly repair work.

Fissures Sealants in Houston

What exactly are fissure sealants? Sealants both help repair and protect teeth from damage. Most of the time, teens get sealants to protect their molars from cavities. The sealants fill the grooves of these rough teeth, making them easier to clean. However, sealants also help fix small cracks in teeth.

These small cracks form by sudden trauma, biting something very hard, or even clenching teeth too much. Even a tiny break can be very painful, particularly as the gap expands. When compressed, the gap is closed, as if the tooth were whole. But when your tongue pushes the split apart, or a piece of food becomes trapped, it causes a lot of pain.

In this case, fissures sealants bond the split, closing the gap and keeping it closed. This prevents you from accidentally pushing it apart again, as well as trapping food. A fissure provides easy access for bacteria to invade your teeth. Keeping the teeth clean and closing up this access is essential to good oral health.

Quick Procedure, Long Lasting Results

Getting fissures sealants in Houston is actually a pretty quick procedure. There’s no drilling, and no real need for sedation, and once complete, you’ll be pain-free. The sealant itself is a gel-like substance that your Houston dentist spreads in the fissure. The gel quickly bonds to the teeth, which the dentist compresses to close the gap. As soon as the sealant sets and cures (hardens), you’re done!

As long as there is nothing to damage the fissure further, it will continue to protect your teeth for several years. Visit your Houston dentist every six months for a checkup, during which they will check on sealed teeth and ensure they are in good condition.