What To Do If Your Child’s Tooth Is Knocked Out

It’s normal for a tooth to come loose as they grow up. This tooth is replaced by a permanent tooth shortly thereafter. However, when knocked out prematurely, a baby tooth can cause a lot of pain and other problems. You should bring your child to an emergency kids dentist right away.

What Makes an Emergency?

There are several instances that are cause for alarm. First, a baby tooth knocked out early. Second, a permanent tooth knocked out. Third, a filling or crown knocked out. The last example is much less common, as children don’t often get fillings or crowns since the baby tooth will be replaced anyway, but it does sometimes occur.

  1. Avulsed Baby Tooth
    When a baby tooth falls out, a permanent tooth replaces it within a few days to weeks. Knocking a baby tooth out prematurely makes the other teeth shift position. The shifted teeth cause the permanent tooth to come in at an angle, causing more issues.
  2. Avulsed Permanent Tooth
    Since there is no replacement tooth, a lost permanent tooth means the other teeth will shift. This causes the child’s bite to become uneven and put extra pressure on other teeth. Furthermore, it increases the risk of developing gum disease.
  3. Lost Filling or Crown
    Children will most likely have fillings of these two. However, a sufficiently damaged tooth may require a crown for added protection until a permanent tooth comes in. Should either of these come loose, contact your Houston pediatric dentist right away. The lost protection leaves the tooth susceptible to gum disease, fissures, and root canal infections.

Before Seeing an Emergency Kids Dentist

As soon as you find the problem, call your emergency kids dentist. Next, find the lost tooth and place it in a container of  milk. The milk will protect the tooth until the dentist replaces it. Do not attempt to clean the tooth roots, as this may damage them.

For dental crowns, find the crown and bring it with you to the dentist. The dentist will clean it and place it back in your child’s mouth with a new adhesive. Lost fillings will most likely need a new replacement.

Contact 911 emergency services or visit an emergency room for any dental emergency when you cannot reach an emergency kids dentist.