Dental Sealants at Your Tanglewood Dentist

Do cavities concern your family? Whether for you or your children, cavities hurt and affect your overall oral health. Fortunately, there are pain-free ways to protect yourself and your family from cavities. In addition to brushing your teeth regularly, dental sealants from your Tanglewood dentist protect teeth for many years.

What are Dental Sealants?

Dental sealants help protect teeth by smoothing out their surface. In most cases, sealants protect the molars of children, however, they also protect adult teeth. Your Tanglewood dentist applies sealants using a gel-like liquid. The liquid fills in the grooves of molars and damaged teeth.

These grooves play host to bacteria. The bacteria cling to the deep sections, avoiding the probing bristles of your toothbrush. Your dentist may clear this out with a deep cleaning, but visiting the dentist just twice per year as recommended reduces the effectiveness of this.

The purpose of the sealant is to smooth out these rough surfaces. With a smoother surface, your toothbrush has no trouble scraping the bacteria from the teeth. Dental sealants only last about five years, but reapplying them helps protect teeth longer. You can have your Tanglewood dentist reapply the sealants well into adulthood. The sealants also protect teeth damaged as a result of grinding.

Visiting Your Tanglewood Dentist

It’s very important to see your dentist regularly. The American Dental Association recommends seeing your local dentist every six months. This provides an accurate look at the development of the teeth, as well as any issues. Your dentist looks for any sign of disease, then recommends treatment to prevent it from becoming a problem.

Your dentist does everything they can to make your visit comfortable. Dental sealants don’t hurt at all to apply, and the protection they offer is invaluable. Combine this with regular cleanings and checkups, and you’ll find that your teeth remain healthy throughout your life. Contact your Tanglewood dentist today and schedule an appointment for a cleaning.