Dental Exam: Protecting Your Teeth

When was the last time you went to the dentist? If it has been longer than six months, it’s time to go again! The American Dental Association recommends seeing your Houston dentist for a dental exam every six months. They also recommend getting x-rays once per year.

Dental Exam

Dental exams are a standard procedure in conservative dentistry. Conservative dentistry emphasizes protecting teeth rather than just treating problems. When you receive a dental exam, your dentist checks for problems such as plaque buildup, cavities, and periodontal disease.

Getting an exam is pretty simple. First, fill out an appointment form. (Pro tip: use our handy online form for fast, easy appointments!) Second, visit your Houston dentist on your appointment date just before your scheduled time. Third, sit back and relax while the dentist checks your teeth.

Dental exams are generally painless unless you have an infection or bad tooth decay. If you do have one of those problems, your Houston dentist will begin a treatment to ease the pain and restore your teeth.

Conservative Dentistry

In addition to the exam, there are other aspects of conservative dentistry to help maintain the health of your mouth. Dental cleanings focus on removing plaque, especially around the gums. This is a high risk site for infection.

X-rays are also part of conservative dentistry. They give the dentist a view under your gums to look for trouble like infections. The sooner a problem is found and treated, the greater the chances of reversing damage. Your dentist will do everything they can to preserve your teeth.

Fluoride treatments are another method of protecting teeth. Your teeth need fluoride to act as a shield to protect them from bacteria. When you brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste, you restore some of the minerals lost. Your dentist uses a fluoride treatment when the fluoride level is too low to protect your teeth. This usually occurs when a patient doesn’t brush often.