Ancient Wisdom Protecting Modern Teeth

Did you know that dental crowns have been around for almost 2000 years? They have been a mainstay of dental restoration since the era of the Etruscans between AD 166-201. The Etruscans used gold to create the dental crowns, and the material is still in use today. Gold is easily malleable so it can be formed into a tooth shape, but it’s also durable enough to withstand years of use. Today, dental crowns use several different materials, and the practices for installing them have greatly advanced. Updating Dental Crowns with Sedation When receiving dental crowns in Houston, you first visit your Houston dentist so they can prepare the tooth receiving the crown. After applying a local anesthetic and other sedation as needed, the dentist will use a drill to file down the tooth. The tooth needs to be filed down so that the dental crown will fit over it like…

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Choosing the Best Dental Crowns in Houston

One of the top recommended restorative treatments are dental crowns in Houston. Accidental damage and decay affect teeth, but crowns restore the look and function of natural teeth. The usual materials used for dental crowns are metal and porcelain. This depends on their location of the crown and the needs of the patient. However, they are all provide a long period of use. Choosing Dental Crowns in Houston The options available to patients for receiving dental crowns in Houston vary by availability, cost, and the specific needs of the patient. Cost The different materials used for dental crowns have different price points, with resin crowns being the least expensive, metal crowns being a middle ground, and porcelain crowns residing at the high end. Each crown has different strengths and weaknesses. Durability Durability of the crowns affects the price of them, but the tradeoff is that highly durable crowns may not appear…

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How Dental Crown Treatments Work

Is one of your teeth looking like it could use some restoration? Are you feeling any pain in a tooth? It may be time to see your Houston dentist for a dental crown treatment. Dental crowns are restorative implants that preserve much of a core tooth while reshaping and revitalizing the outer layer of it, known as the crown. Dental crown treatments usually take two visits to complete; the first visit prepares your teeth and provides a guide for the custom designed crown, and the second visit is when it’s installed. Uses for Dental Crowns Dental crowns can serve several purposes, both cosmetic and practical. Some people want a dental crown because a tooth has become discolored or otherwise unsavory in its appearance. Others need a dental crown because a tooth hurts when pressure is applied to or released from it. Sometimes a dental crown is required because a tooth…

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Are Dental Crowns in Houston Necessary?

What are the main reasons for getting a dental crown in Houston? Are they absolutely necessary, or are they just cosmetic? Some people do prefer to get a crown purely for cosmetic reasons, but this is not the only reason to get one. Dental crowns can fill several roles, both functional and cosmetic. The need for a crown can vary, but in just about every case, a patient will be happy they got one. What Are Dental Crowns For? Dental crowns can cover a tooth that has been badly damaged, is discolored, or needs to support a dental bridge. Badly Damaged Teeth This category can cover a few different categories, including a chipped tooth, a decayed tooth, or a tooth filling.A tooth that has been chipped or cracked due to an accident, biting something too hard, or other reason can be painful. Often when the break opens and closes the…

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Dental Crowns in Houston: Purpose and Installation

What can dental crowns do for you? How are they installed? Can you eat, drink, and speak normally with a dental crown? Do they look natural? These are some of the most common questions regarding dental crowns in Houston. And best of all: we have the answers to them! Dental crowns are protective coverings that are placed atop a tooth. They can be fashioned from one of a few different materials, balanced either for strength or appearance. How Dental Crowns Help You Dental crowns can actually serve several purposes in restoring your smile. Protect and strengthen a weak or broken tooth Improve the appearance of stained or damaged teeth Reduce gaps between teeth Cover up a previous dental implant Provide support for a dental bridge As you can see, dental crowns can fulfill different roles depending on the need. Additionally, depending on where the crown is going and the purpose…

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How Houston Dentists Have Improved Dental Crowns

Dental crowns are actually not a new form of restorative or cosmetic dentistry. In fact, the use of dental crowns dates back to at least 200 AD. That’s right, dental crowns have been in common use for over 1800 years! Houston dentists haven’t changed a whole lot over the years. Primarily, the installation and construction of the dental crowns are more sanitary and provides a better fit. Other than that, the method of restorative dentistry remains about the same. Early Dental Crowns The Etruscan civilization used the earliest known dental crowns around 200 AD. The crowns of old wouldn’t look all that dissimilar from ones commonly seen today. These early dental crowns were gold. This is a commonly used metal for fashioning dental crowns in Houston as well. Today’s dental crowns often work for cosmetic reasons to restore the look of your smile. However, they were primarily for restoring function back…

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