Building a Bridge to Better Teeth

Restorative dentistry covers a lot more than just whitening your teeth. Dentists replace a missing tooth with dental bridges as one of the primary methods of restoration.

Dental bridges accomplish this goal by suspending a false tooth known as a pontic between two dental crowns.

The dental crowns serve as an anchor point for the bridge and the false tooth restores the look and feel of the tooth that was missing.

So how do bridges work?

Preparing the Teeth

The first step in receiving a dental bridge is to visit your Houston dentist. The dentist will examine your teeth and determine how best to proceed with installing a dental bridge.

After the examination, the next step is to prepare the teeth adjacent to the gap. These teeth are very important as they will be hosting the dental crowns that will support the bridge.

To prepare the teeth, your Houston dentist files them down. After the teeth are ready, your Houston dentist creates a mold of your teeth. The dental laboratory then sees how they fit together, and construct the perfect dental bridge.

Finally, a temporary bridge is installed. It won’t help restore your bite and it likely isn’t very fashionable, but it will protect the gums in the gap as well as the two freshly filed down teeth.

After that, the patient goes home while the dental laboratory constructs the new bridge.

Constructing the Dental Bridges

In the dental laboratory, the dental bridge is constructed using a mold of your mouth as a guide. This mold shows the size and position of all the teeth around the gap, so that the technician can design a dental bridge that will fit perfectly and perform exactly as needed.

The dental bridge itself usually consists of a metal framework that supports a resin or plastic false tooth between two ceramic dental crowns. Sometimes the whole bridge may be metal, and sometimes it may be all resin. This varies based on the patient’s particular needs.

Your Houston dentist will install the dental bridges as soon as they are ready.

Your dentist will place the dental bridge atop the prepared teeth and align it so that it feels comfortable and secure. They will ask you to make sure your bite is even as well. If everything fits properly, the dentist will bond the bridge to your teeth using dental cement, thus ensuring it won’t fall out.