Houston Dental Bonding

Got a chipped tooth? Houston dental bonding brings the care you need to bring back the luster of your smile. Chipping a tooth can be a painful experience and leave you with a noticeable break in your smile. Dental bonding fixes this by restoring the chipped tooth to look like nothing ever happened. Houston Dental Bonding – What is it? You might be asking yourself: “What is dental bonding?” Quite simply, it is a method of bonding a tooth fragment to the original tooth. In some cases, bonding also improves the look of discolored teeth and teeth damaged by decay. The primary purpose of dental bonding is restorative dentistry. It reconstructs a damaged tooth so that it functions and looks as good as it did before needing bonding. Most times, patients needing bonding will need to fix a suddenly broken tooth. This happens most often as the result of an…

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Fissures Sealants in Houston

A crack in a tooth does more than make you feel self-conscious. Even a small crack can hurt like crazy. These cracks, called “fissures,” are not fun to have. Fortunately, we offer fissures sealants in Houston to repair your teeth without costly repair work. Fissures Sealants in Houston What exactly are fissure sealants? Sealants both help repair and protect teeth from damage. Most of the time, teens get sealants to protect their molars from cavities. The sealants fill the grooves of these rough teeth, making them easier to clean. However, sealants also help fix small cracks in teeth. These small cracks form by sudden trauma, biting something very hard, or even clenching teeth too much. Even a tiny break can be very painful, particularly as the gap expands. When compressed, the gap is closed, as if the tooth were whole. But when your tongue pushes the split apart, or a piece…

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The Difference between Dental Bonding and Fillings

Chipping a tooth can be a very unpleasant experience. It can be painful and leave the tooth misshapen or with a very sharp edge. Some people may feel self conscious about having a misshapen tooth and want to have it restored to its original shape. Dental bonding can help with this. What is Dental Bonding? Dental bonding is a process of restoring the natural shape of a tooth using a color matched composite resin that mimics the appearance of the tooth being fixed. Bonding is a very inexpensive way to restore the look of healthy teeth. This is especially true in cases of accidental damage and light decay. It is used to fix the appearance of chipped teeth as well as discolored teeth, but its benefits are not solely cosmetic. There are practical uses for dental bonding as well, including protecting the roots of teeth. Receding gums expose these roots, increasing their…

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