Custom Fitted, Natural Dental Bridges in Houston

Are you considering options for replacing a lost tooth? Perhaps you have a bad tooth you need removed, but don’t want to leave a gap. Custom fitted dental bridges could be the answer.

Dental bridges are a common, affordable manner of replacing a lost or severely damaged tooth with a natural looking false tooth that sits in your mouth just as your actual tooth did.

They are custom-fitted to your mouth to ensure a proper fit and bite, and they can restore appearance and function.

Making Obvious Dental Bridges a Thing of the Past

Dental bridges in the past were noticeable and occasionally uncomfortable. They were constructed from silver amalgam and metal, making them obvious in your mouth.

Thanks to advancements in dental technology, Houston dentists make custom-fitted, natural looking dental bridges that look and feel like real teeth.

Decades ago, a replacement tooth may not have fit properly when installed in the mouth. It could be uncomfortable and lead to further infections.

By custom designing dental bridges, your local Houston dentist can ensure a proper fit that prevents discomfort.

Technology that Brightens Smiles

By making poetics, or false teeth, out of ceramic or porcelain, Houston dentists are able to recreate the natural look of real teeth. These replacement teeth not only look great, they also function just like a regular tooth.

Custom tailoring a dental bridge means using a mold of your mouth to accurately map the locations of teeth and how they fit together.

Using this mold, your local dentist is able to match the bite of your teeth so they all fit together naturally with the replacement tooth.

What this means for you is that your smile will look great and it will feel like nothing has changed.

Additionally, it means that when eating, drinking, or speaking, everything will feel natural. And your replacement tooth will be durable enough to stand up to regular eating, even with hard foods.

Natural or Metal Dental Bridges

While natural looking bridges are more desirable, teeth that are missing from the back may fare better with metal pontics.

A metal tooth can stand up to greater pressures. Patients often experience this with the molars at the back of their mouth.

These teeth do the primary work in chewing food, so they need to be extra durable. The good news is that since they are in the back of your mouth, they are not as noticeable.