Are Dental Crowns in Houston Necessary?

What are the main reasons for getting a dental crown in Houston? Are they absolutely necessary, or are they just cosmetic?

Some people do prefer to get a crown purely for cosmetic reasons, but this is not the only reason to get one.

Dental crowns can fill several roles, both functional and cosmetic. The need for a crown can vary, but in just about every case, a patient will be happy they got one.

What Are Dental Crowns For?

Dental crowns can cover a tooth that has been badly damaged, is discolored, or needs to support a dental bridge.

  • Badly Damaged Teeth
    This category can cover a few different categories, including a chipped tooth, a decayed tooth, or a tooth filling.A tooth that has been chipped or cracked due to an accident, biting something too hard, or other reason can be painful. Often when the break opens and closes the patient will feel a sharp pain.A decayed tooth that has been subject to a long period of bacterial decay can become weak and easily fractured. Exposed dentin can also be very sensitive to hold or cold temperatures, as well as any pressure.Sometimes, a tooth filling is too large to fit inside the tooth being filled. It may actually weaken the tooth’s structure, rather than strengthening it. A dental crown can correct this issue.
  • Discolored Teeth
    Some people like to get dental crowns if one or more of their teeth have become discolored from staining, trauma, or other reasons.A crown for this purpose is purely cosmetic, as it’s not necessary to strengthen an otherwise healthy tooth.
  • Dental Bridge Support
    If a patient has a missing tooth, a dental bridge can be used to replace it.In order to place a dental bridge, the teeth adjacent to the gap need to be filed down to allow for a crown to be placed over them.These crowns provide anchor points for the dental bridge, securing it in place.

When Should I get a Dental Crown in Houston?

Talk with your Memorial area dentist to discuss options for crowns. They can be made from one of several different materials, and some may work better than others depending on the tooth being crowned.

All in all, it is up to the patient whether to get a dental crown. There are alternatives, but they are often used after the tooth is gone! Getting a dental crown today can preserve much of your original tooth and return strength and appearance to it at the same time.