When Should My Child Get Braces?

When is the right time to get braces for your child? This is a question many parents have when it comes to protecting their children’s teeth. In truth, children don’t always need to get braces from a Houston dentist. However, in certain circumstances, braces help keep teeth and gums healthy by aligning them to properly fit inside the mouth. We’ll help you to understand how this benefits your child and when it is the best time to use them. Regular Visits to Your Houston Dentist The need for braces is not always apparent right away. It is important to have your child visit your Houston dentist every 6 months so the dentist can chart the development of their teeth. By visiting every six months, and getting x-rays every 12, the dentist will see the progress made by all the teeth and how they are developing in relation to each other….

. Posted in Houston Dentist Category . Apr 09, 2018