Dentures or Dental Bridges? Which are best for you?

Dentures are a very common implement for replacing lost teeth, but are they better than dental bridges? Which method is right for you? Both methods replace lost teeth, but there are certain aspects of each that provide a better solution, depending on your particular needs. Dentures or Dental Bridges Whenever there is a gap in your teeth, even if it’s from just one tooth, the other teeth will shift in an attempt to fill that gap. This can lead to an uneven bite, which can cause pain and make chewing or speaking uncomfortable. Dentures and Dental bridges in Houston both address this issue by filling the gap with a false tooth or teeth to restore function and appearance, as well as preventing this shifting. Benefits of Partial Dentures Partial dentures can replace several teeth at once, even if they are in different locations. They are supported by a metal frame…

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Choosing the Right Sedation for Houston Dental Appointments

If you’re expecting to have a dental procedure performed and think you’ll want sedation dentistry to feel calm and relaxed in the dentist’s chair, there are a few things you should mention to your Houston dentist to ensure a safe and pleasant experience. Sedation dentistry on its own is very safe, but some complications can arise for patient who take certain medications or have particular medical issues. Once your dentist is aware of your medical history and any current medication, they can administer the right sedation for you. Important Things to Mention and Know Before Sedation Your dentist should generally be aware of your medical history, but there are a few things you should let them know specifically about. Any medical conditions you are currently being treated for Any and all medications, including over the counter, supplements, vitamins, and remedies you are taking or using.Some herbal remedies like St. John’s…

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Who is Your Houston Periodontist?

Have you ever seen a periodontist in Houston? Do you know what their specialty is? If you’re not sure about those two questions, it may be time to see one! A periodontist works with or as a dentist and specializes in treating diseases and maintaining the health of your gums. They are able to prevent, diagnose, and treat periodontal disease and gingivitis, and they also assist in the installation of dental implants. You may not think seeing a periodontist in Houston is necessary if you’re already seeing a dentist, but if you’re noticing the signs of periodontal disease, or worse, advanced periodontal disease, a visit is most definitely in order. Checking the Gums to Check on your Health Your gums can actually be an indicator of your overall health. While periodontal disease can cause the appearance of unhealthy gums, other problems can cause periodontal disease outside of poor oral hygiene….

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Are Dental Crowns in Houston Necessary?

What are the main reasons for getting a dental crown in Houston? Are they absolutely necessary, or are they just cosmetic? Some people do prefer to get a crown purely for cosmetic reasons, but this is not the only reason to get one. Dental crowns can fill several roles, both functional and cosmetic. The need for a crown can vary, but in just about every case, a patient will be happy they got one. What Are Dental Crowns For? Dental crowns can cover a tooth that has been badly damaged, is discolored, or needs to support a dental bridge. Badly Damaged Teeth This category can cover a few different categories, including a chipped tooth, a decayed tooth, or a tooth filling.A tooth that has been chipped or cracked due to an accident, biting something too hard, or other reason can be painful. Often when the break opens and closes the…

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Pediatric Dentistry Tips: Thumb and Pacifier Habits

Pretty much every child sucks on a thumb or pacifier when they are young. Many parents and soon to be parents already know that prolonged thumb and pacifier sucking is bad for their child’s teeth. Most, though, may not know why. Pediatric dentists offer reasons why infants and young children suck on thumbs and pacifiers. They also offer information on how long is an acceptable period to perform the habit and how to wean a child off the habit. Pediatric Dentists Offer Answers for Why Children Suck on Objects There are a few reasons for this habit, which is ingrained from birth. At the surface level, it is a necessary trait in order to feed. A newborn baby must have an innate need to suck on something. This ability helps them receive nourishment from a breast or bottle. This knowledge also creates a sense of security for the child. There’s no…

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How Safe is Kids Sedation Dentistry in Houston?

Is your child nervous about visiting the dentist for an upcoming procedure? Perhaps you’ve heard about sedation dentistry being used as a method to help keep them calm and relaxed. Just like any parent, you may be concerned about the use of sedation for dental procedures at a kids dentist in Houston. What are the risks? How safe is it? What does sedation dentistry in Houston entail? Risks of Sedation Dentistry The main risks from sedation dentistry stem from the side effects. Patients, both children and adult, may experience dizziness, nausea, and sleepiness after using sedation. As a result, the patient should not return to work or school right after a procedure. The best course of action is to return home and rest. How Safe is Sedation Dentistry in Houston? Above all else, sedation dentistry is very safe. In order for a dental office to use sedation, the dentist or…

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What to Do if a Tooth is Knocked Out

Even with regular care, proper oral hygiene, and regular checkups at your Houston dentist in 77057, accidents may sometimes knock a tooth out. If a tooth is knocked out of your mouth, don’t panic. Recover the lost tooth to salvage it. If unrecoverable, replace it with dental bridge treatments. Saving a Knocked Out (Avulsed) Tooth Recover the Tooth Gently pick up the lost tooth by the crown (chewing surface), not by the roots. Touching the roots can cause damage to them, making it less likely to save the tooth. Clean the Tooth If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with water. Do NOT use soap or chemicals to clean it. Do not scrub, dry, or wrap the tooth in anything. Replace the Tooth If you can, carefully place the tooth back into its socket. You can either push on the crown of the tooth with fingers, or you can place…

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Should I have my Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Most people are aware that Houston dentists frequently remove wisdom teeth for a variety of reasons. How do you know if you need them removed? Wisdom teeth, the third set of molars at the back of the mouth, are a vestigial body part. This means you don’t really need them to have a normal life. But who wants to remove teeth just because? Determining When to Remove Wisdom Teeth For many people, they won’t ever have to remove their wisdom teeth. They come in just like any other tooth, but it usually occurs somewhere between the ages of 17 and 23. When wisdom teeth first start erupting, a person might notice a dull pressure or throbbing in the back of their mouth before the teeth actually become visible. As with any sensation of pain in your mouth, it’s best to have your teeth examined by your Houston dentist. The dentist will use special…

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Dentistry for Kids at Home in Houston

Do you know the best methods for protecting your child’s teeth at home? Preserve and protect developing teeth by administering the right care at home. Even simply brushing a child’s teeth in the wrong way can lead to negative outcomes. Your Houston pediatric dentist has tips for taking care of your kids’ teeth at home. Cleaning Baby Teeth When your baby’s first teeth come in, you may automatically start cleaning them with a regular toothbrush. However, developing teeth are more sensitive and need to be cleaned with a soft bristled toothbrush to prevent damage to them. Any damage from stiff bristles could form grooves where bacteria can gather. Pediatric dentists recommend using a toothbrush that is specifically designed for infants and their teeth should be cleaned at least once per day, preferably at bedtime. When to Start Using Toothpaste You can start using toothpaste as soon as teeth erupt (break…

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Post Wisdom Teeth Removal Home Care Tips

Caring for your mouth after having wisdom teeth removal can be an unpleasant experience, but it’s also incredibly important for your overall oral well-being. Dentists in Houston remove the wisdom teeth when they pose a significant threat to oral health. Most often it is because the oral cavity is too small to accommodate them. When the cavity is too small, the teeth can push on adjacent molars, causing pain or leading to gum disease, and that is why it is important to remove them if they pose this risk. But with a little attentive care at home, you can fairly quickly recover from wisdom teeth removal. Pain Management After your wisdom teeth are removed, your mouth is going to be sore. Your Houston dentist will likely prescribe some pain medication for you to take. Follow the instructions carefully and use them to reduce discomfort. Swelling Some swelling is going to be…

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