Do You Need to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are an extra set of molars that come in between the ages of 17 and 23. These extra teeth are not necessary to live a normal life, nor do they affect speech, eating, or drinking. However, there are some instances where you need to remove wisdom teeth. Learning When to Remove Wisdom Teeth There are signs that will indicate your wisdom teeth may become a problem later in life. When they haven’t come in yet, your Houston dentist checks for signs like this. The early warnings are subtle, such as the size of the oral cavity. As a result, most people won’t notice them. As you grow, the dentist compares the location and development of your wisdom teeth with the space they have to erupt. If the oral cavity is too small, they won’t fully emerge from the gums. This is known as impaction. An impacted tooth becomes…

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When to Seek Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal disease starts out with very mild symptoms. Most people may not even notice the early stages. Unfortunately, this also means that the disease often advances to later stages without proper treatment. Early periodontal disease treatment is the key to reversing damage caused by bacteria. Knowing the Signs of Periodontal Disease It’s pretty easy to spot gum disease early if you know what to look for. It doesn’t always start with pain. In fact, there usually isn’t any pain at all in the beginning. You should be on the lookout for: Bleeding around the gums, especially after brushing your teeth Swelling of the gums Slight color changes in the gums (often an inflamed red color) These are the earliest indicators of gum disease. The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis. Most people associate gingivitis with bleeding gums, but this symptom is not always present. As there is usually no…

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Houston Sedation Dentistry

People generally associate going to the dentist with a negative feeling. Most often, this is because they feel pain and just want it to go away. Sometimes, they just don’t like going. In any case, Houston sedation dentistry provides a relaxing experience for all sorts of patients. Just sit back, let the sedation wash over you, and the procedure will be over before you know it.  Removing Pain with Houston Sedation Dentistry As the name implies, sedation dentistry sedates patients. While using one of the sedatives, you will be free of pain. There are several types of sedatives for use with sedation dentistry. Oral Sedative Often taken before an appointment, the oral sedative will calm the patient’s nerves around the time the procedure starts. These are best for slightly nervous patients, or those with sensitive teeth. Laughing Gas Officially known as nitrous oxide, laughing gas is one of the most common…

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Bring Back Your Smile with Restorative Dentistry

Have you lost confidence in your smile? Do you feel like your smile could use some improvements? Whether you need a filling, a crown, or even new teeth, there is hope. With restorative dentistry, you can get your smile back. What is Restorative Dentistry? Restorative dentistry is a specialized part of general dentistry for restoring teeth. This may include applying fillings, bonding teeth, creating crowns and bridges, or building dentures. Your smile says a lot about you. Make sure it says the best things with healthy teeth. Bonding & Filling Dental bonding uses a special adhesive to join a tooth with a piece that has broken off. This is generally a low cost repair, but it’s mostly cosmetic and won’t be very durable. As a result, it is best to use bonding on front teeth. The material used for dental bonding can also be color matched to your teeth, giving…

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Dental Fillings: Making the Right Choice

Teeth need to be strong. Without strength, hard foods chip and fracture teeth, leading to infections and pain. Cavities weaken teeth by wearing away the protective layers of enamel. As a result, bacteria infects the tooth. Fortunately, you can fix this problem with dental fillings. What Are Dental Fillings? Dental fillings are composite or metal cores for a tooth that has lost enamel and dentin. When the inside becomes weak, the filling strengthens it from within. Some cores match existing teeth while others provide greater strength. There are pros and cons to each type of filling, and it depends on the location of the filling as well as the patient’s preferences for using certain ones. Porcelain and composite fillings look more natural. These give the appearance of real teeth. Metal fillings are stronger. How Do I Choose the Right Dental Fillings? There are a lot of factors to consider when…

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What To Do If Your Child’s Tooth Is Knocked Out

It’s normal for a tooth to come loose as they grow up. This tooth is replaced by a permanent tooth shortly thereafter. However, when knocked out prematurely, a baby tooth can cause a lot of pain and other problems. You should bring your child to an emergency kids dentist right away. What Makes an Emergency? There are several instances that are cause for alarm. First, a baby tooth knocked out early. Second, a permanent tooth knocked out. Third, a filling or crown knocked out. The last example is much less common, as children don’t often get fillings or crowns since the baby tooth will be replaced anyway, but it does sometimes occur. Avulsed Baby Tooth When a baby tooth falls out, a permanent tooth replaces it within a few days to weeks. Knocking a baby tooth out prematurely makes the other teeth shift position. The shifted teeth cause the permanent tooth to come…

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Wisdom Teeth Removal Houston

Most of our permanent teeth have come in by the time we reach our teen years. However, one set of  teeth comes in later: wisdom teeth. Sometimes, these teeth cause problems, leading to a need for wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth come in between the ages of 17 and 23, but by the age of 20, a Houston dentist can tell if a patient will need them removed. Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Removal As long as you’re good about seeing your dentist regularly, they will be able to find wisdom teeth problems early. These problems stem from several different factors. Oral Cavity Size The most common cause for wisdom teeth problems is an oral cavity that is too small. If the teeth have no room to erupt from the gums, they’ll become impacted or push against other teeth. Impaction Sometimes, the teeth don’t fully erupt. This is known as impaction….

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Kids Dentist Sealants Protect Teeth

Have your children begun their double-digit years? This is a major milestone for parents as their children are growing up and will soon be young adults. This is also around the time that their molars are coming in. Around this age, they should get kids dentist sealants. What are Kids Dentist Sealants? Sealants are a type of malleable gel that fills in the grooves of teeth, making them smoother. By applying kids dentist sealants when their molars come in, they will be easier to clean. The purpose of molars is to grind food for easier digestion. To accomplish this, they generally have a rough surface. However, this rough surface can hide bacteria that is difficult to clean with a toothbrush. Sealants make these surfaces smoother and easier to clean. If not properly cleaned, bacteria clings to the grooves of molars and build up plaque. If left unchecked, this erodes the enamel protecting the…

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Memorial Kids Dentist: First Visit

New to the area? It can be tough adjusting to a new location, especially for kids. But if you need to find a Memorial kids dentist, that doesn’t need to be hard. Going to the dentist is often a challenging experience for children. Finding a kids dentist in Houston that knows how to interact with their young patients can make all the difference. How to Find a Memorial Kids Dentist There are a lot of dentists in the Memorial area of Houston, so how do you find the best one? The first thing you want to look for is a professional, friendly atmosphere. The first visit to your child’s new dentist should not be stressful. Instead, it should be more like a meet and greet, where the child becomes familiar with the staff. Don’t look to do more than a cleaning and checkup for procedures. Next, you’ll want to look…

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Dental Exam: Protecting Your Teeth

When was the last time you went to the dentist? If it has been longer than six months, it’s time to go again! The American Dental Association recommends seeing your Houston dentist for a dental exam every six months. They also recommend getting x-rays once per year. Dental Exam Dental exams are a standard procedure in conservative dentistry. Conservative dentistry emphasizes protecting teeth rather than just treating problems. When you receive a dental exam, your dentist checks for problems such as plaque buildup, cavities, and periodontal disease. Getting an exam is pretty simple. First, fill out an appointment form. (Pro tip: use our handy online form for fast, easy appointments!) Second, visit your Houston dentist on your appointment date just before your scheduled time. Third, sit back and relax while the dentist checks your teeth. Dental exams are generally painless unless you have an infection or bad tooth decay. If you…

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