Houston Kids Dentist Tips

Ready to bring your little ones to the dentist for the first time? We have some tips for your child’s first visit to a Houston kids dentist.

Finding a Houston Kids Dentist

When your child’s first tooth comes in or by the time they turn 12 months old, it’s time for their first dental visit. You want to find a Houston kids dentist that:

  • Specializes in treating children (either a pediatric dentist or a family dentist in Houston),
  • Has a welcoming atmosphere and staff, and
  • Offers thorough preventative care for children.

It is often more convenient for parents to find a dentist that treats both children and adults. This makes scheduling appointments easier. Additionally, you may want to consider finding a dentist that is close to your child’s potential school or near your workplace or home.

First Visit to a Houston Kids Dentist

The first visit should not be anything major. It’s best that a first visit include nothing more than a cleaning and exam, actually. The less that has to be done and the less invasive the procedures being done, the more likely the child will be willing to return.

The dentist checks the gums and any developing teeth to detect any potential issues. They also instruct the parents on how to care for the child’s developing teeth. Be gentle with new teeth so as not to damage them.

Beyond getting an initial exam, the first visit provides kids with an opportunity to meet the staff. When a child is familiar with their dentist, they will not fear going. Uncertainty is one of the greatest hindrances. By introducing your child to the dentist early, they build a relationship that will last into adulthood.

Future Visits

You Houston dentist wants your child’s teeth to develop and be healthy. They continually check on the teeth as your child grows, detecting problems before they arise. As your child’s molars come in, they suggest precautionary measures like sealants to protect teeth. Later in life, they may suggest removing wisdom teeth, should these teeth pose a potential issue as well.