Dental Fillings: Making the Right Choice

Teeth need to be strong. Without strength, hard foods chip and fracture teeth, leading to infections and pain. Cavities weaken teeth by wearing away the protective layers of enamel. As a result, bacteria infects the tooth. Fortunately, you can fix this problem with dental fillings.

What Are Dental Fillings?

Dental fillings are composite or metal cores for a tooth that has lost enamel and dentin. When the inside becomes weak, the filling strengthens it from within. Some cores match existing teeth while others provide greater strength.

There are pros and cons to each type of filling, and it depends on the location of the filling as well as the patient’s preferences for using certain ones. Porcelain and composite fillings look more natural. These give the appearance of real teeth. Metal fillings are stronger.

How Do I Choose the Right Dental Fillings?

There are a lot of factors to consider when getting fillings. First, where is the filling going? Front teeth don’t experience as much force as back teeth, but they are more visible. Porcelain and composite fillings suit these teeth best. The teeth are more visible, but don’t do the brunt of chewing. The natural look works best.

The back teeth, specifically the molars, need to be strong. That strength comes from a metal filling. Gold and silver amalgam fillings are tough, lasting 15 or more years. Most of the time, people don’t see the molars unless they look closely. This makes the more noticeable metal fillings less of an eyesore for self conscious patients.

All in all, discuss the available options with your Houston dentist. Your dentist knows what fillings work best and provide you with important information to make the right choice.

What do I do if a Filling Comes Out?

It is rare for a filling to come out, but it is possible. More often than not, a filling falls out as a result of biting very hard foods (like popcorn seeds or hard candies) or from head trauma. A lost filling is an emergency dental situation. The hollow tooth is vulnerable to fractures and infection.

If a dental filling does fall out, see an emergency dentist in Houston right away.