Dental Checkup Procedures

Do you know why it’s important to get a dental checkup? Do you know what goes into one? Dental checkups in Houston are a method of examining teeth to check on the progress of their development and catch problems early. The American Dental Association recommends getting a dental checkup every six months. They also recommend getting x-rays every year.

Dental Checkup Procedure

Getting a dental checkup is a pretty easy process. The first thing you’ll want to do is schedule an appointment with your Houston dentist. When you come in for your first appointment, there will be some paperwork to fill out. This paperwork provides the dentist with a little bit of your medical history. Additionally, there is a section to list any medications or supplements you are taking. Some medications and supplements affect teeth in various ways. Some increase the risk of periodontal disease. Others increase the risk of cavities.

Once all the paperwork is done, you’ll head in to the “hot seat.” A dental hygienist prepares everything for the doctor. They take your blood pressure, set up lights, and prepare dental tools.

When the dentist comes in, they examine your teeth visually using a mirror to check all angles. The dentist also uses a dental probe to check pocket depth below the gum line. Deep pockets allow bacteria to collect, leading to gum disease.

To get a look under the gums, the dentist and dental hygienist use a special x-ray machine. They can focus on a single tooth or get panoramic shots of all your teeth. By taking x-rays, the dentist finds pockets, abscesses, and other issue that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Importance of Dental Checkups

Why is it so important to get a checkup every six months? Even when you take care of your teeth, bacteria still collects in some areas. Whether it’s a pocket below the gums, a groove in a molar, or in a spot you just don’t clean as well, hidden bacteria causes a lot of harm. When you get a regular checkup, the dentist finds these issues early and treats them right away. The sooner you get a professional dental cleaning, the better your teeth will be.