Dental Fillings: Making the Right Choice

Teeth need to be strong. Without strength, hard foods chip and fracture teeth, leading to infections and pain. Cavities weaken teeth by wearing away the protective layers of enamel. As a result, bacteria infects the tooth. Fortunately, you can fix this problem with dental fillings. What Are Dental Fillings? Dental fillings are composite or metal cores for a tooth that has lost enamel and dentin. When the inside becomes weak, the filling strengthens it from within. Some cores match existing teeth while others provide greater strength. There are pros and cons to each type of filling, and it depends on the location of the filling as well as the patient’s preferences for using certain ones. Porcelain and composite fillings look more natural. These give the appearance of real teeth. Metal fillings are stronger. How Do I Choose the Right Dental Fillings? There are a lot of factors to consider when…

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Memorial Kids Dentist: First Visit

New to the area? It can be tough adjusting to a new location, especially for kids. But if you need to find a Memorial kids dentist, that doesn’t need to be hard. Going to the dentist is often a challenging experience for children. Finding a kids dentist in Houston that knows how to interact with their young patients can make all the difference. How to Find a Memorial Kids Dentist There are a lot of dentists in the Memorial area of Houston, so how do you find the best one? The first thing you want to look for is a professional, friendly atmosphere. The first visit to your child’s new dentist should not be stressful. Instead, it should be more like a meet and greet, where the child becomes familiar with the staff. Don’t look to do more than a cleaning and checkup for procedures. Next, you’ll want to look…

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Dental Bridges in Houston that Renew Your Smile

When your teeth are healthy and bright, you have the confidence to smile more. A missing tooth causes people to feel self conscious about their smile. But with a dental bridges treatment in Houston, you can renew that confidence and smile again. Renewing Your Smile What makes you smile? The average person smiles 20 times per day, and very happy people smile 40-50 times per day. If a missing tooth is causing you to be unhappy, it can also make you want to smile less often for fear of people seeing the gap. But you can renew your smile with dental bridges in Houston. Dental bridges use a custom crafted false tooth suspended by a metal frame work to fill in a gap. These bridges are designed to look natural. Dentists create a perfect fit by sizing and shaping the dental bridge to perfectly match the layout of your mouth….

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When should your child first visit a Houston Dentist

Your child’s first visit to a Houston dentist should be right after their first tooth comes in. Don’t wait longer than a year after birth to bring them in, even if a tooth hasn’t come in yet. A child’s first visit to the dentist should be a pleasant experience, as it will shape their feelings of return visits. If the first visit is negative, they will be much less likely to want to return, even as an adult. What To Do on a First Houston Dentist Visit When bringing your child in for their first visit, it’s best not to do any invasive procedures. Instead, introduce your child to the staff and familiarize them with the environment. Resort to nothing more than a cleaning for their first procedure. If your child is a little bit older and is just changing dentists, they can benefit from exploring the dental office with…

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Building a Bridge to Better Teeth

Restorative dentistry covers a lot more than just whitening your teeth. Dentists replace a missing tooth with dental bridges as one of the primary methods of restoration. Dental bridges accomplish this goal by suspending a false tooth known as a pontic between two dental crowns. The dental crowns serve as an anchor point for the bridge and the false tooth restores the look and feel of the tooth that was missing. So how do bridges work? Preparing the Teeth The first step in receiving a dental bridge is to visit your Houston dentist. The dentist will examine your teeth and determine how best to proceed with installing a dental bridge. After the examination, the next step is to prepare the teeth adjacent to the gap. These teeth are very important as they will be hosting the dental crowns that will support the bridge. To prepare the teeth, your Houston dentist files…

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Custom Dental Bridges at your Tanglewood Dentist

Dental bridges can treat a person who has lost a tooth or teeth due to decay or an accident. They are a more permanent solution than dentures, and you can care for them like your regular teeth. What’s more is they can match your existing teeth. Dental bridges can mimic the shape and color of your original teeth to appear as if you never lost a tooth. Dental Bridges Designed Just for You There is a lot of thought and talent that goes into designing a dental bridge. They must fit perfectly and match the shape of your teeth to ensure comfort and functionality. To accomplish this, the dental lab at your Tanglewood dentist must have a cast of your mouth. The cast completely and accurately maps the inside of your mouth and matched the shape of the teeth and how they fit together. With this physical 3D model of your…

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Feeling Festive with Dental Bridges

We may be through Thanksgiving already, but there are plenty of opportunities for feasts in the weeks to come. Why not make the most of it with dental bridges made in Houston? If you’ve lost a tooth due to an accident or decay, you know it can be difficult to really enjoy those festive holiday meals. Chewing is more difficult, drinking can be tiresome, and it can even affect your speech. With dental bridges, you can restore your smile and your bite with great confidence! What Are Dental Bridges? Dental bridges are a dental implant specifically that fit you and only you. They restore your bite, your ability to eat, drink and speak normally, and your confidence in your smile. Dental bridges are tailor made to provide a strong bite or a remarkably natural look. A variety of materials including metal and porcelain restore the strength and look of natural teeth. Best of all,…

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Should I Get Dental Crowns in Houston?

Dental crowns are one of Houston dentists’ prime methods of restoring a healthy smile. It is not uncommon for someone to feel self conscious about the appearance of their teeth. This is particularly true if they have chipped, fractured, or discolored teeth. Fortunately, thanks to many scientific advancements in the dental field, your teeth can look like they are brand new with dental crowns. What Are Dental Crowns? A dental crown is a protective covering that is placed over a tooth that has been prepared for the crown. To prepare a tooth, it first needs to be filed down so the crown will fit. Your Houston dentist will provide you with a local anesthetic and sedation dentistry as needed to perform the filing with little or no discomfort. After the tooth is ready, a mold provides an accurate recreation of the patient’s teeth. From this mold, the dental laboratory creates the…

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Dentures or Dental Bridges? Which are best for you?

Dentures are a very common implement for replacing lost teeth, but are they better than dental bridges? Which method is right for you? Both methods replace lost teeth, but there are certain aspects of each that provide a better solution, depending on your particular needs. Dentures or Dental Bridges Whenever there is a gap in your teeth, even if it’s from just one tooth, the other teeth will shift in an attempt to fill that gap. This can lead to an uneven bite, which can cause pain and make chewing or speaking uncomfortable. Dentures and Dental bridges in Houston both address this issue by filling the gap with a false tooth or teeth to restore function and appearance, as well as preventing this shifting. Benefits of Partial Dentures Partial dentures can replace several teeth at once, even if they are in different locations. They are supported by a metal frame…

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What to Do if a Tooth is Knocked Out

Even with regular care, proper oral hygiene, and regular checkups at your Houston dentist in 77057, accidents may sometimes knock a tooth out. If a tooth is knocked out of your mouth, don’t panic. Recover the lost tooth to salvage it. If unrecoverable, replace it with dental bridge treatments. Saving a Knocked Out (Avulsed) Tooth Recover the Tooth Gently pick up the lost tooth by the crown (chewing surface), not by the roots. Touching the roots can cause damage to them, making it less likely to save the tooth. Clean the Tooth If the tooth is dirty, gently rinse it with water. Do NOT use soap or chemicals to clean it. Do not scrub, dry, or wrap the tooth in anything. Replace the Tooth If you can, carefully place the tooth back into its socket. You can either push on the crown of the tooth with fingers, or you can place…

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